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Foreign investment workshop:


Some of this type of conferances were previously held in Iran, Poland, Sweden, Belgium, spain. In this way we make the posibility of comunicating with academic comunities, and international bussiness.

Therefore for increasing academic cooperation and for creating optimum relationships with rest of administrative systems, and based on coordination of Guilan's foreign investment services' center, foreign investment workshop are going to be held with presence of the active industrial companies, foreign investors, foreign investment service center's managers and experts and respective professors of universities.

We hope to introduce investment opportiunities in Guilan and make a good situation for exchanging ideas about this issue.

In this workshop that's going to be held on 10th of May, in the afternoon and it's going to be 4 hours long, half of the time is going to pass with presentation of related materials to the issues, Q&A and in the other half the participants are going to have bilateral or multilateral negotiation about B2B.

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Conference Date

 .March . 2018